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When Janet Jackson hits the road again for her Together Again world tour – her first tour since 2019’s 30th Anniversary tour celebrating Rhythm Nation – she’ll be taking a page out of Beyonce‘s playbook and implementing #MeToo check in with her dancers and her crew.

After announcing her tour on instagram, fans have already started buying tickets for her US tour.

Back in July, Beyonce revealed she was implementing ‘MeToo checks‘ for producers and collaborators on her tour, after a former collaborator was arrested for sexual assault in 2020. Now it was revealed that Jackson, 56, will be implementing similar checks and more strict rules before she hits the road in April, according to The Sun, with the news coming as tickets go on sale for the tour.

‘Janet is taking a leaf out of Beyonce’s book and is implementing #MeToo checks as she prepares for her Together Again tour,’ a source revealed.


‘The checks will see everyone from her dancers and band mates to crew and general staff vetted to ensure they don’t have a history of abuse,’ the source added.

Jackson wants, ‘a completely non-toxic working environment for all her staff and by implementing these early checks she is eradicating the risk.’

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