In the heart of America’s orchestras, the vibrant soul and rhythm of African Americans reflect a mere 1.8% of the symphonic chorus. Among this melodic minority, Maestro Jason Ikeem Rodgers stands firm, wielding music as a catalyst for change. As the architect of Orchestra Noir, Atlanta’s All African American Orchestra, he is redefining the world’s symphonic stages. His resonating commitment breathes life into orchestral music that honors, celebrates and boosts the cultural prowess of African Americans with every strum, beat, and note.

Maestro Jason Ikeem Rodgers 📸 Orchestra Noir

Orchestra Noir: A Unique Ensemble
Founded in 2016, Orchestra Noir not only stands out for its all-African American ensemble, but also for its distinct approach to music. The group embraces contemporary, inclusive programming that reflects the diversity of its musicians and audiences. Their performances break the mold of traditional orchestral concerts, giving attendees unique and unforgettable musical experiences.

Y2K Meets 90s Vibe: A One-of-a-Kind Concert
On October 20, Orchestra Noir brings its bold “Y2K Meets 90s Vibe” concert to Houston. Unlike any traditional orchestra performance, the show fuses together the iconic music from both the 1990s and early 2000s with classic orchestral elements. Maestro Rodgers has arranged this musical celebration exclusively for Orchestra Noir, creating a truly memorable experience.

Creating New Opportunities
By showcasing the talents of African American musicians, orchestrators, and composers, Orchestra Noir is amplifying black voices and broadening classical music’s cultural landscape. The orchestra’s groundbreaking work in music opens doors for future generations, inspiring new talent and shifting the face of classical music.

Join the Movement
To experience the magic of Orchestra Noir, don’t miss out on the “Y2K Meets 90s Vibe” concert in Houston. Learn more about the orchestra and their upcoming events by visiting


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