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One of the best ways of encouraging your child to love their natural hair is to experiment with new styles. From twists to braids, there are so many beautiful natural hairstyles to suit all hair types and once you’ve practiced them a few times, they won’t take long at all.

Here are 6 top natural hair trends for black children: 

Two puffs

natural hair styles for black kids

Puffs are a quick, easy and cute style for kids. Simply part their hair in the middle and tie two puffs at the desired height on each side. It’s the perfect way of showing off their natural texture and their hair will be out of their face while playing or at school, so no complaining! Add clips or bows to finish off the look.


Twists are one of the most versatile hairstyles for afro hair and they can be worn by boys and girls. Section their hair depending on how many twists you’re doing, secure each section with a hairband then do two-strand twists. For something a little fancier add beads to the ends of their hair and swap black hair bands for colored bands. Once the twists start to look a little frizzy, unravel them for a twist out!



More and more children are rocking locs. Once you begin with starter locs you’ll soon notice the growth in your child’s hair and at this point, you can experiment more with styles. Style their locs in a ponytail or even braid them if they’re long enough! Do remember that locs are a commitment so think carefully before you go ahead!

Box braids

Box braids aren’t just for adults! Whether you have a special occassion or you’re looking for an easy to manage style that’s still on trend, these are the perfect option. Not only do box braids add length but with the right care, they can last for weeks. Choose from small, medium or jumbo as a very cute protective style for your little one.

Space buns

Space buns are super cute and easy to do. Detangle your child’s hair and create a middle parting before slicking down each side with gel into two ponytails. All you need to do then is twist each ponytail around itself to create two little buns! Add clips and bows or keep the style simple. Space buns are a great option in between wash days or even as a style for school.

Bubble braids

As the name suggests, bubble braids create a fun ‘bubble’ appearance by tying hair bands along the length of the hair. Create as many sections as you’d like then tie headbands from top to bottom — using brightly colored bands can be even more fun! 

Use these 6 natural hair trends as inspiration and try something new on your little one’s hair!

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