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Afro hair is so much more than wearing cute styles to look good. For many, embracing natural hair is an important part of their identity, culture, and feelings about themselves. Creating this healthy relationship with your hair should start at a young age. Understanding that Black hair is beautiful and should be celebrated is perhaps one of the most important lessons that Black children should learn.

Here’s why Black kids should be raised to love their natural hair.

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Why should black children learn to love their natural hair?

Accepting your appearance and loving your features, hair included, is something that all children should experience especially during their teens. But, for those with afro hair, there is often a much deeper struggle. Even today, afro hair including kinks, curls, and coils is seen as unruly or messy compared to sleek looks that can be achieved through chemical styling or straightening. 

Black children shouldn’t feel bad about their natural hair; they should feel proud and celebrate it. As parents, beginning this journey of self-love early is something they’ll carry through to adulthood confidently. 


Black children who love their natural hair will:

  • Have positive relationships with their image.
  • Feel confident in their own skin.
  • Wear their natural hair with pride.
  • Feel empowered.

The natural hair community is thriving but many of the damaging ideas around black hair remain. That’s why raising black children to feel they are worthy, beautiful and equal in their own skin is so important.

How to raise black children to love their natural hair

The way children form thoughts about themselves and others around them has a lot to do with how they’re raised. When it comes to encouraging positivity and empowerment around natural hair, think about the language you are using as this will be picked up on. Honest communication is key. 

As a parent, embracing your own natural hair could be a great starting point for reinforcing the message that black hair is beautiful. Lead by example and show them how to be happy and confident in their own skin. Instilling these lessons into black children will help them thrive well into the future and develop a stronger sense of identity. Plus, doing your hair together can create amazing bonding moments.

Hair can be a symbol of so much more than you may realize. Teaching children to embrace their hair, not only in how it looks but what it represents can help them understand what makes their hair so special. Hair styling can be a great bonding experience and a chance for you to teach them more about the history of their hair. Stories about particular hair styles or talking about other people’s natural hair will make young children feel a part of something much greater.

Whether it’s through conversation, books or affirmations, there are plenty of ways that you can raise black children to love their natural hair now and in the future.

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