TRONUS treats every customer like royalty with the most comfortable, unisex sneaker in Atlanta and the world!

Owner and Founder Santia Deck is constantly breaking down barriers. she is the first female football player and female athlete to create her own sneaker company. She spent years creating a sleek, revolutionary, sock-top sneaker. With the help of her designer Jamien Sills, they created the top-of-the-line, mold-to-your-foot, walking-on-air shoe experience, according to Santia.

The company began in early November of 2020, after months of city buzz and customer orders. In the beginning, customers waited anxiously for the first-ever TRONUS sneakers to arrive at their doorsteps. The company has since expanded with their customers of all ages, including celebrity clientele. All are becoming true TRONUS’ valuable customers and fans.

TRONUS sneakers cater specifically to sneakerheads, dropping limited-edition styles every so often to keep it fresh and enticing people to come back for more. For example, the TRONUS 2020 O’s comes with its own individual number, authentication certificate and customized packaging. New styles and products are in development and will be dropping soon.


Santia has been breaking records and making history as a professional female football player and social media influencer with over a million followers on multiple platforms. With her background as a former track and field collegiate athlete, fitness model, published author, public speaker, and TV personality — Santia has broken down barriers and put herself up for the challenge with opening and running the TRONUS company.

“Remember, nothing is impossible. If you want it, go get it,” Santia said.

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