What is Health-Tok And Which Black Medical Pros Should You Follow?

Health TikTok Content or also known as #Health-Tok was sparked by the success of the TikTok’s #EduTok campaign, which encouraged users to make videos on a variety of topics with an educational or motivational purpose.

Black Professionals to follow on Health tiktok
Black Professionals to follow on Health tiktok

This article was originally published on BLAC Detroit.

With today’s current trend, TikTok is not just a pure entertainment app where you could see people dancing, singing, and lip syncing, but it is also an avenue for content creators to offer educational content to viewers. And one of the most trending content now is the #Health-Tok. But what is Health-Tok

Health TikTok Content or also known as #Health-Tok was sparked by the success of the TikTok’s #EduTok campaign, which encouraged users to make videos on a variety of topics with an educational or motivational purpose. But, for #HealthTok, it is primarily concerned with users educating their audiences on a variety of health-related topics, including wellness, lifestyle, and even medicine. Usually the two hashtags,  #EduTok and #HealthTok are integrated in the TikTok videos to reach wider audiences. 

#HealthTok are usually used by Popular TikTok creators as a medium to spread knowledge on medical related health genres. So with all the Popular TikTok Content Creators out their which Black TikTok #HealthTok creators should you give a follow?

1. Dr. Charles Boyd, @boydbeauty

If you’re into facial aesthetics and treatment, your go-to TikTok creator should be Dr. Charles Boyd who is also known as @boydbeauty in TikTok.  He is also hailed as the #1 plastic surgeon in Detroit. With 17,700 followers, Dr Charles Boyd is a must to follow, since his TikTok videos offer great advice such as what treatments to be done and giving tips if you’re the right candidate for the treatment and more. The holistic approach, exceptional results, and superb patient care provided by Dr. Charles have earned him an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally.

2. Dr. Kera Nyemb-Diop, @blacknutritionist

When you’re the type of person who wants content about food nutrition, @blacknutritionist is the person to follow. Dr. Kera Nyemb-Diop’s TikTok video is more on the educational importance of eating health without any doubt.  With her 15 000 followers, one of her most watched videos that amassed 217 000  views is how some Nutritional Standards have racial biases against Black people. 

Dr. Kera has made it her life’s work to encourage other Black women to enjoy and cultivate a positive connection with food, eat without feeling shame or guilt, and rediscover the culinary traditions of their own cultures.

3. Dr Patrice Berry, @drpatriceberry

If mental health is your type of content, one person that could guide and educate you on this app is Psychologist Patrice Berry or also known as @drpatriceberry in TikTok. With a total of 62 000 followers and 1.1 million likes. Dr. Patrice has made her way in educating and helping people by making sure that the topics that she discusses on TikToks are light, especially to those who are having a hard time to talk about it. If you visit her TikTok account, most of her videos are showered with praises and appreciation, even follow up questions which really says a lot about the videos that she makes. 

4. Naomi Holloway @lonafit

Next on the list is Personal Trainer Naomi Holloway or also known as @lonafit in TikTok. Naomi is a Personal Trainer/ Coach who helps individuals to grow more confident in themselves and learn to create the healthiest body and lifestyle that they deserve. With 67 000 followers and having 1 million likes on her videos, Naomi has surely captured the hearts of millions with her videos about pre workout sessions, foods that are good with workouts and many more. Currently, Naomi runs a website where she coaches people online to help them create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that boosts their self-esteem.

Niki Harris @lifecoachniki

Niki Harris

Last on the least is Niki Harris or also known as @lifecoachniki, with over 10 years of experience as a life and healing coach, Coach Niki took her goal to help in TikTok where she has 16, 700 followers and over 127, 000 likes on her videos. The majority of her videos focus on ensuring that one’s healing is attained through the processes of healing, with the overarching objective of comprehending trauma. 

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