This article was originally published on BLAC Detroit.

Why are Black dolls so important to Black children’s development? For starters, a doll is often a child’s favorite companion, providing comfort and entertainment unlike any other toy. Dolls also teach nurturing, compassion and social skills, while helping to shape a child’s self-image. This is why little Black girls often have low-self esteem—most of the dolls in the toy stores or in films and TV shows look nothing like them. 

Black dolls—whether they have natural hair or soft or life-like baby dolls—are here and beautiful to behold. With the holiday season upon us, BLAC lists some of the best Black dolls of this year holiday season. Each carry a link of where to purchase online.

8. 18″ African American Fashion Doll- Sascha McKnight by Double Dutch Dolls

10. ChocoChip Girl by Isha Babies

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