Chris Rock and Dwayne Johnson Decline Hosting the Emmys

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on a painterly image

This article was originally published on BLAC Detroit.

Dwayne Johnson and Chris Rock were asked to host the 2022 Emmy Awards this fall — both declined. 

Vanity Fair notes that it may be challenging to find an awards show host after the infamous slap by Will Smith at the Oscars earlier this year. Smith struck Rock after he joked about Jada Pinkett Smith’s close-shaven hair caused by her battle with alopecia

Last year’s Emmys were on CBS hosted by Cedric the Entertainer who stars in the sitcom, The Neighborhood on the same network. This year the show will run on NBC. It was assumed that Dwayne Johnson may consider the gig given that his sitcom, “Young Rock,” was just renewed for a third season. 

Vanity Fair is reporting that Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers are also not interested in hosting the awards.


Producers are continuing to court a possible host for the awards set to air in September. 

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