5 Spots to Visit in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Get on an adventure at these hidden gems for your next summer vacation

Elexis Thomas travelling to the top 5 spots in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

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Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is a hub for all friends and family to enjoy. From its illustrious cabins, stunning mountain views, and amazing wildlife, this place has history and potential for anyone to love!

Many people have their reservations about Pigeon Forge; “Is it dangerous to drive there? Are bears going to be at my cabin every morning? Is the moonshine as strong as everyone claims?” The answer to all of your questions is, why don’t you find out for yourself? I definitely did!

I recently went to Pigeon Forge on a trip to celebrate a family reunion! Our family goes on trips every year but this year we wanted to do things differently. My grandmother has never been to the mountains so this trip was one of many first for the family. We made memories here that I don’t believe you could make anywhere else.

The attractions, the wildlife, and the mountain view definitely made my family excited for the next day but sad to leave on the last day. Let’s take a lot at the Pigeon Forge hotspots that everyone should visit while coming to the state of Tennessee.


Ole Smoky Moonshine/Whiskey Distillery

Ole Smoky Moonshine became the first federally licensed distillery in the history of East Tennessee, after the change in Tennessee law to allow the distillation of alcohol in 2009. With locations in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, their moonshine and whiskey is available now in Georgia. This distillery is known for being the most visited place in all of Tennessee. This experience is unlike any other. You are allowed to taste any flavor, including ones that aren’t in stores yet, for only $5! Now, if you are not a drinker, this should definitely not be your first stop. With all the different variations of moonshine they have, including Sour Watermelon, Margarita, and their strongest, White Lighting, you will for sure walk out with a smile on your face and a stumble in your walk.

Mountain Coasters

With over six locations, Mountain Coasters have become one of the number one visited spots in Tennessee, with the most visited being the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster. This coaster rips and runs through the mountains in a one or two person cart, with speeds up to 30 miles per hour! This is a fun and exhilarating way to see the mountains.

Outdoor Gravity Park (OGO)

Ever wanted to ride in a human hamster ball? Welcome to Outdoor Gravity Park! The first and only of its kind in Tennessee, this experience is truly one of a kind. You will need a bathing suit or clothes that you don’t mind getting soaked in, because this park involves water and lots of it! The OGO is an 11-ft. transparent sphere constructed from over 300 sq. ft. of plastic, more than 1,000 little plastic anchors, about 600 multi-colored strings, and endless hours of welding, gluing, and tying combined to make a beautiful big ball that you can jump inside and roll down a hill. They have four different outdoor tracks with three very different experiences. 

  • Extreme ZigZag

This zigzag course is so extreme you must ride solo!!! 

  • Fast Track 

A total of 3 people can roll as you speed down the 1000+ ft hill.

  • Funnel

Up to 3 people can roll combining the turns of the zigzag course with the speed of the Fast Tracks. 

Mountain Valley Winery 

One of the oldest wineries in all of Tennessee, Mountain Valley specializes in sweet, fruit infused wines including flavors such as Watermelon, Red Velvet, and Rhubarb; open every day from noon to five for wine tastings, absolutely free!

The Island of Pigeon Forge 

The Island of Pigeon Forge is a one stop hub spot for adults and families alike. Located in the hills of Great Smoky Mountain Park,  23-acres are filled with entertainment for a rural escape from everyday life. The Island has 80+ shops, attractions, and destinations. Open everyday of the week from 10 a.m. – 12 a.m.; retail shops are open from 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. The Island is home to a 200-foot Observation Wheel and The Island Show Fountains, which are programmed for light shows and music all year round. 

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