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Old San Juan. Via It’s no secret that African influence is everywhere. From cuisine to fashion, dance, art, music and more, our ancestors pretty much helped shape the world’s identity. Historically, when Africans were stolen from the Motherland, their practices went with them. During a recent vacation to Puerto Rico,...
Photo by Avel Chucklanov As the granddaughter of four devout Christians, I know a thing or two about church. My brother and I lived in Ohio but spent summers in Georgia bouncing between both sets -- on one side, a now-retired minister of 41 years, my grandfather Winston Martin; on...
Students across Detroit are looking ahead to another academic year. Some will go to a four-year college, but that’s not the path for everyone. And in the mid-to-post COVID world, where most vocational fields are experiencing a steep skills gap, that’s perfectly fine. “There’s a lot of jobs that are...
Critical race theory is an academic movement that has recently gained widespread attention because of its framing by some Republicans and conservative groups in restricting the teaching of America’s past and present. Though, the principles of critical race theory are not new. It was first explored in academia by...
While there’s a myriad of classic Black TV shows, one of my favorites is “My Wife and Kids” -- an American sitcom that premiered in 2001 and follows the life of an upper middle-class Black family in Stamford, Connecticut. From witty banter to comedic relief and relatable topics, Damon...
Photo by erik reardon on Unsplash While the hashtag #SupportBlackBusinesses has recently taken storm in some corners of Twitter and Instagram, this call to action isn't new. Black economic power is deeply rooted in our history, so much so that it’s the fourth principle of the Afrocentric celebration Kwanzaa. Ujamaa, also...

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